New Forum to Support Inland Water GHG Flux Related Studies


A message from David Bastviken:

Dear all,

For your information The Inland Water Greenhouse Gas FLUX Forum (IWFLUX) was just made public and open at

IWFLUX is a web based resource for and by the active community where we can jointly gather and share information we find useful to learn more about inland water greenhouse gas fluxes or related topics. At present, this is just a structure to be filled with content by us all – this grass root initiative was developed at a workshop on inland water greenhouse gas fluxes in Finland in September last year.


(1) a number of webpages for established/referenced information expected to be reasonably stable over time,

(2) an open discussion forum for any IWFLUX related discussions/questions including aspects not yet established, and

(3) a possibility to join an e-mail list for IWFLUX related communication (if you want to join please follow the instructions on the Contact information page to sign up).

The format of all parts is deliberately kept simple to minimize maintenance work given that this is a non-funded initiative at present. I also quickly realized there is no perfect structure for all webpages so we now have a start that may develop based on upcoming needs.

IWFLUX is also a global effort on all GHGs where we can gather links to related networks that are regional or concern specific GHGs.

The original idea is not primarily to fill the site with papers or data…but to gather information on where to find key papers or data, and to provide extended information to help us coordinate methods and efforts for maximized future learning and impact. Very fundamental information is also welcome as IWFLUX could be an important resource for students and starters in the field. …but regardless of the original ideas, IWFLUX will develop over time and become whatever we want it to be depending on the contributions.

Contributions can be various types of files and internet links that will be posted in file archives. To make contributions please send them to the IWFLUX coordinator.

So please take a look, spread the news, and hope you will find it useful…and more so when we have filled the present IWFLUX structure with real content!

Many thanks to all who have so far contributed to develop IWFLUX!

All the best,



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