Competition Winners

Euan Mike_0

26th March 2012.

MethaneNet is delighted to announce TWO winners of the prize for ‘Best Contribution. They are (in alphabetic order):

Euan Monaghan and Mike Peacock.

Each winner is awarded a prize worth £350, to be claimed against costs of presenting their methane-related research at a future conference.

The competition was judged by Elaine Matthews (NASA GISS) and David Reay  (University of Edinburgh), who commended the winning entries as follows:

Ditch blocking in a Welsh peatland, by Mike Peacock (Bangor University).

Very well-written; good explanation of history and context; interesting analysis of early results and of how future impacts will play out given longer observational record.”

The search continues for methane on Mars, by Euan Monaghan (Open University).

“Very well written and accessible. This intriguing blog summarises the scientific context and questions clearly and succinctly – it was very informative and left me wanting to know even more.”

MethaneNet would like to thank all those who entered the competition and have contributed to the website to date, and to remind our registered users that your contributions are welcome at any time. Please contact us ( if you have ideas for new methane-related website content.

Photos of Euan (left) and Mike (right) provided by the winners.


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