Blog: Methane Brought to Book


By Gail Riekie. 13th October 2010.

In the book ‘Methane and Climate Change’ edited by Dave Reay, Pete Smith and André van Amstel, and published in May 2010, research from many disciplines is brought together to provide an overview of the different methane sources and the potential for controlling emissions.

I asked MethaneNet colleague Dave Reay about the thinking behind the book. “We decided to put this book together using the tried and tested question of ‘is this a book I’d like to have?’. There was nothing available that I could find that brought all the current knowledge on methane and climate change, especially methane mitigation, together in one place. So we had a go at producing it”.

“The key issues were to include some discussion in all the chapters of how climate change may itself lead to changes in methane fluxes from the various major sources. As ever, we also had to make sure we conveyed the uncertainties in this and in the estimates of current source strengths e.g wetlands”.

The book aims to provide the graduate student and academic research community with a single source reference point on the subject. It is published by Earthscan and available from the usual online sources.


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