Blog: CCSSG Major Research Issues For Methane


By Aslam Khalil. 3rd May 2012. Dear Methane Research Colleagues The next meeting of the CCSSG is in 3 weeks. The members have been asked to summarize the important open issues in their areas of representation. For me this is methane, CO and hydrocarbons, which boils down to methane. I am writing to ask you if you have any thoughts you would like me to convey. At the moment I have the following areas that I plan to highlight (I will have maybe 15-20 minutes): 1) Temperature feedback on terrestrial emissions – the idea that the future increases of methane will likely occur from climate feedback rather than increases of direct anthropogenic emissions. These feedbacks are in three areas: Resident soil carbon pool, wetlands (including rice) and the arctic permafrost. All have different mechanisms for release and oxidation is a key player to ameliorate the impact. 2) The role of methane in greenhouse gas trading. How should it be done? 3) The uncertain role of plant emissions (although I will probably skip this and just include it on a list at the end with other possible issues that can be discussed if someone wants). If I get something from you that can be highlighted or mentioned for future discussion, I will add your name and affiliation to the list of contributors. Note that the presentation slides are usually posted by the USGRP on their website and become public information. Please send your comments to my e-mail address:


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