AGU Methane – Wetland Session Announcement


6th July 2011. We invite submissions to the following AGU session focusing on natural wetlands and their methane emissions.  We encourage regional-to-global scale studies on modeling of wetlands and their methane dynamics, and remote sensing of surface inundation and wetland distribution.

The deadline for abstract submission is 4 August, 2011, 03:59 +1 GMT.

B49: Natural Wetlands: Observations and Modeling of Distributions and Methane Dynamics

Natural wetlands are the world’s largest methane source and are highly sensitive to climate variations. Uncertainties in methane emission are driven in part by the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of oxidation, production and emission processes in these ecosystems as well as by the inherent variation in vegetation and hydrologic regimes of the world’s wetlands. Understanding and integrating knowledge about wetland distributions, processes and characteristics from local field studies to regional/global scales is crucial to predicting biogeochemical and distributional dynamics under past, present and future climates. We invite abstracts for modeling and measurement studies focusing on: mechanisms of methane production, oxidation and emission; remote sensing of surface hydrological dynamics and vegetation characterization; and modeling of wetland distributions and their methane dynamics under all climates.


Ruth Varner,

Elaine Matthews,

Kimberly Wickland,

Joe Melton,

Image: Victoria regia water lilies in Amazonia, credit UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre


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